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Completed: February 2019

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Private

Building overview: creation of a multi-media games room above an existing garage, with new link between main house and garage.

Mandek services: We designed and installed the electrical system throughout, including terminating incoming power into new consumer unit, power, lighting, data system and connection to Sky TV.


We installed a Rako lighting control system (link here -, which gives the users flexible control over the lighting via wall mounted plates and a smart phone app. We are certified to commission Rako systems, which allowed us to pre-programme many different lighting scenes to the occupiers needs, from entertaining guests to watching movies.



Completed: January 2019

Client: Saddlery Brands International

Occupier: Saddlery Brands International -

Building overview: Fit out of existing base build unit (base build works carried out by us – refer to Network 401, Brackley below).

Mandek services: General & emergency lighting in warehouse, power to machines in warehouse, data network, wi-fi in warehouse, expansion of fire alarm system, CCTV and security alarm.


We installed busbars at high level to power the lighting system, which reduced labour time within a tight programme and would allow the client to easily re-position lights in the future due to the “plug and play” nature of the system. Furthermore, this allowed for zone control of the lights to minimise energy usage, alongside the highly efficient LED fittings that we provided.


A category L1 fire alarm system was achieved within the warehouse via high level beam detectors, which will ensure the highest level of protection for occupants and materials.



Completed: September 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Lind Harley Davidson -

Building overview: Base build commercial unit complete with car parking and service yard.

Mandek services: The base build electrical package consisted of mains installation adjacent to the incoming power, external lighting and internal power supplies.


The final occupier required a network of floor boxes in exact locations for their sales and servicing operations, which we were able to achieve through detailed design and coordination with other trades on site.



Completed: August 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Cosentino -

Building overview: 2 new standalone base build industrial units complete with service yards and car park to each unit. Plot 10 had a ground floor base build office and the electrical installation was carried out in line with the tenant’s requirements.

Mandek services: We carried out the Design and Build electrical contract works to both units. Our works included the design, installation and commissioning of Mains Distribution, Small Power to offices and Warehouse, LED Lighting to the offices, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm Systems, Disabled Alarms, and Cable Containment systems for the above. The scheme was BREEAM Very Good and we achieved all credits required.


As part of the BREEAM requirements for this project we were asked to achieve Ene01 and Ene02 credits as part of our Mains Distribution works. We had to install the Mains in a restricted space and through our own design works and research we found a solution using a triple-metered Distribution Board that was new to the UK market.


We worked closely with our suppliers and specialist sub-contractors to ensure materials, drawings and goods were available on site for installation.



Completed: August 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Various

Building overview: 7 new industrial units, car parks, service yards and Landlord’s Estate Road. A base build office, complete with Reception, WCs, Staircases and corridors were provided in each unit. LED Roadway lighting was installed to the Landlord’s estate road, complete with power supplies to Drainage Pump, Interceptors and Cold-Water Boost Tanks.


Mandek services: We were awarded the design and build contract for the electrical works of 7 industrial units complete with offices. The Landlord’s estate road and common areas also formed part of our contract works.


Although the units were a very similar layout and design all units were unique in their own way. This meant we were required to produce 7 complete sets of designs, calculations and drawings, complete with our Technical Submission for the project.


The Main Contractor’s programme meant our site management had to work closely with other trades to ensure our works ran smoothly and caused no hold-ups. We split our installation works into separate visits such as containment and void detection, first fix wiring, installation of conduits in walls, second fixing and testing/commissioning. Our site management kept the Main Contractor informed on our progress in all units through the program and as a result our works ran smoothly and caused no disruptions to other trades and contractors.



Completed: July 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: British Bakels -

Building overview: New industrial unit split in to 2 units. Base build offices to each unit along with a transport office in Unit 3B.

Mandek services: We were awarded the design and build contract for the electrical works of units 3A and 3B. There was a requirement to achieve BREEAM Very Good on this scheme and this was met through our design and installation.


The incoming supply to Unit 3B was terminated directly to the Main Panel that we supplied and installed as part of our works. This required careful planning and co-ordination between Mandek and the DNO. The electricity supply for Unit 3A was sub-metered from the main panel in 3B and sub-main cabling installed at high level on cable tray.


The project was delivered ahead of the Construction Program and on budget. We carried out witness testing with the Electrical Consultant 2 weeks before handover. Operating and Maintenance manuals were also issued 2 weeks ahead of project completion. Following the completion of the Witness Testing the Electrical Consultant issued his Completion Letter and stated the design, installation and commissioning of the electrical services were carried out in a professional manner. He also requested photographs of our installation to show his colleagues.



Completed: March 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: for future occupation

Building overview: 15 new industrial units as an extension to an existing retail site. Each unit containing circulation area, WCs, first floor office, tea point and warehouse.

Mandek services: We were awarded the design and build contract for the electrical package of all 15 units. We were also given responsibility for the external works, including lighting and site-wide security.


The most important aspect of the project was to achieve a high level of consistency, which proved challenging given the varying shapes and dimensions of each unit. We worked closely with all stakeholders throughout – architect, consultant, main contractor, mechanical contractor – and produced detailed designs in AutoCAD to achieve excellent uniformity between units.


The ceilings were omitted from the first-floor offices, so we were required to install all electrical services as “on show”. We developed a solution that required no electrical tray, instead having galvanised conduit fixed within purlins and bespoke details at light fitting / fire detector positions. The distribution in the final installation was barely noticeable, and was widely praised by the project team.



Completed: January 2018

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: for future occupation

Building overview: Large, architecturally pleasing industrial unit, with office space and external car parking/servicing.

Mandek services: We were employed on a design and build basis for the electrical package, including mains distribution, containment, general & emergency lighting, fire alarm, power, external lighting and external power.


The lighting scheme, which was fully designed in-house, incorporated 600x600 fittings, downlights, wall lights and architectural pendants in the reception. The scheme was designed to meet all client requirements and industry standards, whilst still being low-energy and low-cost to run.


The electrical installation included several sustainable elements that contributed towards the building achieving BREEAM Excellent – low energy lighting, sustainable external light, sub-metering of electrical supplies, electrical vehicle charging.



Completed: December 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Mercedes Benz -

Building overview: A large industrial unit with office space, a front car park and rear service yard.

Mandek services: Our contract was for the design and build for the mains distribution, containment, general & emergency lighting, fire alarm, disabled refuge, power, data and external lighting.


Within the offices, a network of underfloor busbar and floor boxes were installed, with the floor boxes also containing Cat 6 connections back to a data server. This method will afford maximum flexibility to the occupant.


The project targeted BREEAM, and our design contributed the maximum credits from an electrical point of view – low energy lighting, automatic lighting controls, sustainable external lighting and sub-metering of electrical supplies.



Completed: December 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: various

Building overview: 8 industrial units with offices on a large site of around 500m wide, 250m long.

Mandek services: We had design and build responsibilities for the complete electrical package, including containment, general & emergency lighting, fire alarm, power, mains distribution and external lighting.


An important aspect for the client was a level of consistency and uniformity across the project, which was made difficult due to the differing dimensions of each unit. However, after a thorough design process, effective on-site management and careful installation, we were able to achieve a finish in which every unit had the same aesthetic, products and quality.


We received great feedback from the client and project consultant, and have since been awarded two further projects with the same team.



Completed: October 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Selco Builders Warehouse -

Building overview: base build industrial unit for future fit out by a national builders’ warehouse company.

Mandek services: We were employed on a design and build basis, covering the mains distribution, fire alarm and external lighting.


The first stage of the project involved re-locating an existing mains distribution cabinet for an adjacent building to enable construction of the new building. This required us to fit our work around the occupier’s schedule, including working outside of normal hours.


An interesting aspect of the main project was the external lighting, which required us to come up with a scheme that met the client’s requirements, whilst being sustainable to the environment. The scheme we designed and installed met industry standards, BREEAM low energy requirements and made consideration for roosting bats on the site, which formed part of the council’s planning conditions.



Completed: August 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: W&H Peacock -

Building Overview: New build dedicated auction house with double height selling rooms, storage facility, café, gallery, office space and secure stores.

Mandek Services: We provided full design and build services for the electrical package, including mains distribution, containment, lighting, fire alarm, security, power and external lighting.


We initially carried out a value engineering exercise due to the original specification being outside of the client’s budget, and from this we were able to develop a scheme that was within budget but also met the exacting requirements of a modern-day auction house.


The building featured several areas with complex ceiling details, including a café area with an MF ceiling built at 3 different heights. This led to challenges in the design of the lighting and fire alarm, and also meant that communication with other trades on site (i.e. plasterboarders) was key to a good installation.


Externally, we designed a lighting scheme that met all industry and project-specific standards, and also blended into the architecture of the building through careful consideration of colours and positioning of fittings.



Completed: April 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: The Kennel Club -

Building Overview: New build high spec office building.

Mandek Services: We were employed on a design and build contract covering all of the electrical services for the building, including mains distribution, lighting, fire alarm, intruder alarm, door access, CCTV, power and external lighting.


This project required several months of design and planning prior to any work on site, due to the complex nature of the installation. The architect’s vision was for exposed structure and services throughout, and we were also asked to install all containment in a raised access floor above the slab. The result of this was that coordination of services was a major challenge, as we had to design each service to the particular industry standards and make everything work together in a coordinated, uniform way. The final result was absolutely stunning, we were very happy with the way the services came together and we received really good comments from various people involved in the project.


The lighting system was LED throughout, with a centralised DALI network to offer flexible control to the end user. We were particularly happy with the lighting in the meeting rooms, which included recessed downlights, feature pendants and a scene switch with several pre-programmed light settings.


The external lighting system was made up of wall mounted fittings for pedestrian areas and column mounted fittings for the car park, and was designed to meet the requirements of various standards – CIBSE LG6, Secured By Design, SLL Guide to Limiting Obtrusive Light, as well as planning requirements of the local authority. The biggest challenge was to achieve the uniformity requirements of Secured By Design, whilst not overpowering the scheme with light, but we were able to achieve this through careful design on DIALux.



Completed: February 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Unit 1, Selco Builders Warehouse / Unit 2, built as speculative development for future occupation.

Building Overview: 2 new industrial units - 1 as a Cat B fit-out and the other as a base-build.

Mandek Services: Our contract was for design and build of the internal electrical services and external lighting. Unit 2 was installed with lighting, fire alarm, power and mains distribution. Unit 2 was base-build only, which included mains distribution and statutory services for fire alarm and emergency lighting. The timeframe for this project was relatively tight, so we made sure that our design work was clear and all of the ordering was pre-planned, which enabled us to complete the installation without any major complications and handover the building within the programme. The final client was very happy upon viewing the finished building, and have since awarded further work to the main contractor, which has also been sub-contracted out to us.



Completed: December 2016

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Various (Greggs, HSS Hire, Screwfix etc.)

Building Overview: 14 new industrial units, with 1 as a Cat B fit-out and the remainder as base-build installations.

Mandek Services: We were employed on a design and build basis for the electrical package in all units and for the external lighting in the car park areas and access road. Within the Cat B fit-out, we provided a full LED lighting scheme, a fully compliant emergency lighting system, a category L1 fire alarm system, and all other power and distribution services. The finish of the project was very good, both from an electrical point of view and an overall point of view. This project is now considered to be exemplary within the wider Brackmills Industrial Estate.



Completed: March 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Units built as speculative developments for future occupation.

Building Overview: 12 new industrial units of various sizes - 1 unit fitted out as a Cat B office with full electrical services, all other were base-build units.

Mandek Services: We provided a full design and build electrical package for all 12 units and external lighting to the car park, following on from the enabling work carried out in Phase 1 (see below). The main challenge that we faced during this project was to design the external lighting within an extremely tight set of criteria. The construction of these new building was stronlgy opposed by local residents, and as such the planning officer was particulalry keen to avoid any light pollution whatsoever. After extensive communication and re-design, we were able to propose a scheme that satisfied the local authority, but also met the lux levels and uniformities that were set out in the tender specification.



Completed: February 2017

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Various independent manufacturing and engineering companies.

Building Overview: Existing buildings.

Mandek Services: This project was carried out as enabling works for new-build industrial units on an adjacent site (see description for Phase 2). In order to build the new industrial units, a new substation was required to replace the existing supply that was feeding these existing units. We were asked to carry out the changeovers from the old supply to the new supply, but the mains power company required that the existing electrical installations in the units was taken up to current standards before a connection could be made. Therefore, we carried out NICEIC Periodic Inspection reports, and later did the required remedial works, such as replacing distribution boards, installing RCBO devices and making safe loose sections of trunking.



Completed: May 2016

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Papa John's UK

Building Overview: A refurbishment of a large office/manufacturing building that acts as the UK headquarters for one of the largest take-away pizza companies in the country.

Mandek Services: Our remit was to strip out the existing services from the office part of the building and provide full design and build services for a new electrical installation, including mains, power, data, lighting, external lighting and fire alarm. Some of the challenges that we overcame during the project were as follows: carrying out our work whilst maintaining the manufacturing facility in full operation, installation of a complex data room with a UPS system and gas suppression system, coordination with other services in some very tight spaces within the existing structure. The LED lighting system that we designed fully in-house was considered good enough to be worthy of a case study by the manufacturer, Thorn, which can be found on their website.



Completed: June 2016

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Donghua

Building Overview: A new office structure that was built within an existing warehouse unit, in order to allow the occupier to use the warehouse for storage/distribution and the office area for running the business.

Mandek Services: We were employed to provide the fit out of the distribution, power, lighting and fire alarm systems in the office area. The lighting installation was done generally with high quality, robust fittings that gave the offices a clean and contempary finish. However, a more "feature" finish was achieved in the MD Office by installing a high-spec linear fitting that was suspended from the ceiling, and this fitted very well into the space.



Completed: March 2016

Client: Hobby Co Ltd

Occupier: Hobby Co Ltd -

Building Overview: An existing distribution warehouse with attached offices.

Mandek Services: Our work involved replacing the existing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting, including modular fittings in the offices and high bay fittings in the warehouse. Design work was carried out beforehand to assess the energy saving and payback periods, which demonstrated great value to the client.



Completed: May 2016

Client: AW James

Occupier: Private home

Building Overview: A new bungalow constructed in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, with a very high spec finish and a total build cost of over £1 million.

Mandek Services: We were employed on a traitional type contract, with the design element carried out by a separate consultant. We installed mains, lighting, small power, data and external services, each to the very high spec that was demanded by the client.



Completed: January 2016

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: DPM -

Building Overview: Two new industrial units with large warehouses and attached offices.

Mandek Services: Our contract was the design and build of the office and warehouse fit outs, as well as external lighting, which were design to a BREEAM Very Good standard. The offices were designed to be as flexible as possible, with a modular plug-in lighting system and floor boxes fed from an underfloor busbar system. An LED lighting system was installed within the warehouse, which was designed to provide light into the aisles between the tenant's racking. The external lighting was a particular challenge on this project, as the buildings were constructed in an Area of Outstnading Natural Beauty (AONB), so our design had to meet the client's requirements, the requirements of BREEAM and also the very strict requirements of the planning authority. This was achieved through extensive communication and a clear, considered approach to the design.



Completed: December 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Midlands Vauxhall -

Building Overview: A new car dealership and servicing centre, including a large showroom, offices, parts storage, large workshop, servicing bays and a large external car park.

Mandek Services: We were contracted to the design and build of the full fit out of the internal and external areas. The project threw up some interesting challenges, particularly in the showroom, which had a requirement for specific lighting levels at each car position according to the Vauxhall specification, and a network of underfloor trunking/floor boxes that had to be coordinated accurately to certain positions. Similar coordination challenges cropped up in the workshop with the servicing fit out contractor, and also for the external lighting with the branding signs. We were able to tackle each of these at an early stage in the design process and we produced drawings that gave clear instructions and setting out details. In this way, we managed to deliver a high spec building that was on time and on budget.



Completed: August 2015

Client: Oktra

Occupier: SAI Global -

Building Overview: A high spec fit out of an existing open plan office building, which was overseen by specialist fit out designers and contractors, Oktra.

Mandek Services: Our work involved carrying out alterations and additions to the lighting, fire alarm, power and data systems to suit the partition and furniture layout of the new tenants.



Completed: December 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Blum UK -

Building Overview: An extension to an existing office area to create a new showroom/exhibition space and larger office areas. This extension was actually built within the existing structure of a warehouse.

Mandek Services: We were employed on a design and build basis to provide a mixture of fit out and base build works in different areas of the building. There were various unusual elements of the installation that needed special attention, such as a netwrork of underfloor cable trunking installed to a tolerance of 1mm, a requirement for standalone emergency light fittings that were almost totally unobtrusive, and exposed services below the soffit that needed to be coordinated at an early stage of the design process.



Completed: September 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: None

Building Overview: An architecturally stunning new two-storey office building with open plan office space, double height atrium, tea points and ancillary spaces. This was built as a speculative project for potential future occupation.

Mandek Services: Our contract was on a design and build basis to deliver a high spec fit out to the office and external lighting to the car park. The internal office spaces benefitted from daylight dimmable LED lighting and a floor box system for flexible working. The lighting in the atrium was designed to sit softly into the space in order to compliment the open, bright approach taken by the architect.



Completed: June 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: None

Building Overview: A new speculative industrial unit that was built for potential future occupation by a car dealership.

Mandek Services: We were contracted to carry out the design and install of the external lighting, as no internal base build works were carried out. We designed this to achieve the lighting requirements of the client and relevant standards, but at the same time to satisfy the planning requirements of the local council.



Completed: March 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: BFC (Tibbets Group Company) -

Building Overview: A new industrial warehouse unit with attached offices.

Mandek Services: We provided full design and build services for the fit out of the office and warehouse. The mains distribution system was metered to allow for maximum credits according to BREEAM and was connected to a PV array to benefit from solar power. The warehouse lighting was designed around the client's racking layout in order to optimise the lighting levels in the aisles. The lighting installation in the offices was designed with daylight dimming, and the small power installation featured a floor box layout to allow the tenant flexible use of the space.



Completed: July 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Redborne Upper School and Community College -

Building Overview: A new two-storey school block planned to be used for performing arts, which incorporated a state-of-the-art stage and seating area alongside classrooms and ancillary spaces.

Mandek Services: We provided full installation services on a traditional contract (i.e. with the design element carried out by a consultant). The corridors had feature lighting run in strips along the edges to provide lighting levels to CIBSE rquirements and compliment the architectural vision of the building.



Completed: July 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Freeths -

Building Overview: A new two-storey office building, including a large open plan office on the first floor, cellular offices on the ground floor, tea points and ancillary spaces.

Mandek Services: We were originally appointed on a design and build contract for the base build only, but this dveloped into a full fit out after a tenant was found. This resulted in large-scale changes midway through the installation, which we dealt with by working closely with the main contractor, interior designer and other trades. The lighting scheme was generally LED throughout, with feature lighting in the reception and tea points. The mains was installed to meet the metering requirements of BREEAM and had a connection to a PV array.



Completed: January 2015

Client: Parkway MK Ltd

Occupier: Midlands Truck and Van -

Building Overview: A new commercial truck and van facility, which included a fully fitted out servicing workshop and attached offices. The project also included a seperate industrial unit that was built as a speculative base build.

Mandek Services: Design and build for the full fit out works of the commercial facility and base build of the industrial unit. An LED lighting system was installed throughout and was wired to a central controller to allow flexible control of the lighting by the occupiers. The mains installation included metering to BREEAM standard and a connection to a PV array. The showroom was fully fitted out with professional servicing equipment, such as VOSA bays and dock levelllers, and Mandek provided supplies for this.

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