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What is being collected? We store documentation from sub-contractors and clients that contains names and addresses. We also store email addresses and telephone numbers of contacts in our email system.


How is it collected? All data that we store has been specifically sent to us, generally by email. For example, invoices are sent from sub-contractors for payment of work, which contain names and addresses, and these are stored on our system for record information. We do not “actively” collect, harvest or buy data.


Why is it being collected? We only collect data for the day-to-day running and record keeping of the business.


How will it be used? As above, for day-to-day running and record keeping of the business. We do not use data for marketing purposes.


Who will it be shared with? We will forward emails on to relevant people within the industry with the objective of achieving a specific and relevant task. For example, if we receive information on an email about a system that is to be installed in one of our projects, we will forward this on to the main contractor for their approval. Other than this, we will not share data outside of Mandek.


What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned? As above, data will be passed on that is relevant and specific to achieving a task. This will generally have a positive outcome on all parties concerned.


Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain? No.


How is the data stored? All company data is saved on cloud-based systems, specifically Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365. These systems can be accessed via Mandek’s computers or by logging in through an internet browser.


Is the data secure? Dropbox and Microsoft Office 365 were selected due to their excellent reputations and best-in-class security of their systems. All of our systems are password protected and contain 2-step verification (requirement of code sent to phone number) in some cases. On top of this, data can be remotely wiped from any Mandek computers that are lost or stolen.


What is our process for providing/deleting information? We are committed to providing/deleting personal information to anybody who has data stored on our company systems. This will be done free of charge within 1 month of the request. To do this, we will extract data from Microsoft Office 365 and Dropbox by searching key terms for the individual who is requesting information. These systems contain several "nets" that are designed to ensure data can be restored after being deleted, however we have processes in place to permanently delete any data on these systems.

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